Star Wars

Rahsa's Diary
How Rasha sees this adventure so far.

February 27, 980BBy
I woke up that morning feeling as if I MUST go to Voss… I could not explain it… Something… for some reason I must be there… Ashar agreed. So we went. Shortly after reaching planet communications with the ship were disrupted. We were able to get a message out telling Oveha to go on we were fine and we would meet up with her (or message her to pick us up) when the time was right.

March 4, 980BBy
The day started as any other. The strange communications disruption was still an issue and seemed to be getting worse. This day was terrible… I couldn’t even watch my cat video on my data pad… it just kept buffering!! It was a full on communications block. Ashar and I went to a local food vendor. Apparently these disruptions or even blocks happens from time to time and many locals use this as a sick day. So the shop was being ran by the owners’ droid and had a droid delivering… There was something about the delivery droid that isn’t quite right (we later learned that his name is Johny). In the shop there was also a female Zabrak (her name was Zannis) and a female Twi’lek (her name is Juqu)
When we were waiting for our pie there was a total disruption outside. There was a ridiculous army of old droids marching down the street. When we looked out of the door we saw that one was “malfunctioning” and kicking a small girl…. Ok… This is NOT acceptable! Without discussing it (as usual) Ashar and I moved to intercept this act of aggression. To my delightful surprise the others in the café followed us out. We were able to rescue the girl and fight off many of the ancient droids. In the quick seconds following the fight we saw someone turning on a speeder. We, for some reason that escapes me, decided to join this man.
I was deligted when Johny took our pie out of some storage space!! It was still hot! Best day ever! During this speeder ride I was able to sense that Johny was human underneath his metallic skin! I started to talk to him about this and someone in the speeder decided we didn’t want the pilot to know what is going on. Idk why…. But hey, I’m a team player. So I start talking with him in binary… He answered at normal speed… way too fast for me to understand. I had to have him slow down. I swear I could hear frustration in his voice as he slowed down. Then something clicked… Literally. And his human voice came out… WOW…. This is going to be fun.
When we got to where we were going we were in the middle of nowhere. There is no way I was going to be able to watch a cat video any time soon. We were met by 2 leaders. One was incompetent… the other is the one I decided we should talk to, Lt. Trigit. She said there were many things that needed to be done. The first task was to get to a sensor and get an overview of the situation. The enemy and where they are located. The second most important is to rescue some pilots from the training grounds. After a short discussion of which we should do or if we should agree to both we decided to go to the sensor. We were almost back to the city when Johny said he had completed the task. Good enough for me. We made an elaborate u-turn that took us back to the camp in a different way.
When we got back to the camp Lt. Trigit said the information was more than she could have asked for. Then we decided to head over to release the pilots. When we got there they were already being loaded to be taken off planet. It is a good thing we got here when we did.
Another fight…. This one was really close! The fight turned when Johny was able to get on the bus and start driving. A couple of us were knocked out! We jump on the bus and run over the last droid. I start loosening the binder cuffs of the pilots and told them to shoot out the window. I am tired!
I am not sure if this is what we are here for, but something is definitely going on here… and we must figure out what it is and what needs to be done to fix this situation. For now, however, I am just looking forward to rest tonight. Then we can make some decisions on everything tomorrow. I feel like this will be the best field training I have had thus far in my Jedi training.

Survived Session One, headed to Session Two...

Droids attack Voss! Someone in the nearby system of Igala 5 has some nefarious plans, and this Episode 1 style invasion seems to have some goal of legally attaining the planet and enslaving its population. At Camp Rebels (that name needs to change) tales are being told of the heroic group that easily defeats squads of the toughest interference, swats aside battle tanks like they are but a simple nuisance, and in their spare time rescues pilots and obtains high quality spy data of Voss’ orbit. Things look dire, no one can be sure if team heroes plan to stick around for the long haul, or slip out at the soonest opportunity and not look back? Session two will tell…

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