Juku Kai'Jun

A happy Twi'lek girl with a stuffed Unilek and a way with people.


Juku is a pink-skinned Twi’lek with with lavender markings. She is thin and athletic, and she almost always wears a smile. She tends to dress in colorful clothes of light fabrics that don’t get in the way of movement, though she can dress up quite nicely when the situation calls for it.

One wouldn’t think she was a jedi to look at her, and she keeps her lightsaber out of sight to keep that impression going. One is much more likely to spot her carrying Mr. Rainbows, the stuffed Unilek (like a unicorn, but with a single lekku on its head rather than a horn) who is so patched together with colorful swatches of cloth that it’s quite possible there is no original material still visible. She also proudly displays her Fan-Club badge for her favorite Twi’lek boy band, Wotath Ryll (she likes Sielo, the sensitive one).

(Image is of actress Li Bingbing; imagine her with pink skin and lekku instead of hair. The smile is spot-on, though.)


Juku is happy-go-lucky and child-like, bordering on childish at times. She likes bright colors and cute things, and always wants those around her to be happy. She tends to alter her personality slightly to make those around her comfortable, which can in the long term come off as fake or disingenuous, but she really is interested in making people happy.,

For someone as friendly and conversational, Juku keeps a lot of her past to herself. She has revealed that she grew up an orphan on the streets of Corusant, but also has indicated she attended a wealthy school for girls where she excelled in gymnastics and cheer. How that transition happened, she isn’t saying.

Juku hooked up with the party when she became involved in some anti-slavery actions on Ryloth while she was there looking into her mother’s family history. Her research led her to discover her family was a family of slavers who sold her mother for cash at a young age. This discovery resulted in her assisting an anti-slavery ranger who was disrupting a shipment of slaves her great-uncle had set up.

Recently, she revealed a second side to herself, more worldly and sophisticated and ready to deal with more criminal elements. She introduced herself to the Hutt the party dealt with as Tyren Veth of the Tythian Shadow, and asked the Hutt about a Troydarian named Frottu and a seedy club called the Sarlacc Pit back on Curusant. What this all means, she isn’t volunteering.

Juku Kai'Jun

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